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Janam Kundali softwares are the best astrological efforts that are designed to reveal the truth of one’s horoscope. It helps people to know how the planetary position at the time of their birth are guiding their life at the moment and what problems or benefits one can have due to movements of the planets.

Janam kundali is prepared on the basis of birth details and it reveals all the astrological information about an individual’s life. It helps a person to know about the yoni, gana,varna, lagna, rasi and nakshatra pada one belongs.

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The close scrutiny also helps a person to know the favorable points, lucky numbers, lucky colors and the auspicious day and other basic information that a person can get by just clicking few keys which is the miracle of the new kundali analysis software.

The software also carries a section of the study of planetary positions. This section deals with the position of all the nine planets during the time of one’s birth and how there constant movement is having an impact on his life. The study is simplified and made assessable even to a person who is not well versed in Indian astrological prediction.

Beside these astrological details one can also obtain free reports and predictions about their health,

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career and nature.  These softwares give detail report about the future problems that one may face in their life due to the movement of the planet from favorable to unfavorable position.

It also gives an insight into the different position acquired by the planets which in turn may have beneficial or malefic influence on a person life and also predicts the impact of a small or big incident that one may face in his or her life.

The predictions made by the software are very accurate and authentic. It stimulates ones believe towards astrology and many a time by doing so it helps a person to avert a problem that may come in life.

There are things in a person’s nature like shyness, anxiousness and confusion the reason behind which may not be known by the individual. The astrological study through the software can acquaint a person to the reason behind his flaw of nature and at the same time provides solution to such trivialities.

One can also get future prediction through these softwares and can plan one’s life in advance. This results into a prosperous life ahead because if one can chart his life well in advance they can avoid many possible problems that may arise if it is not planned.

The best part about these softwares is that it saves a lot of time of a person. In today’s busy life it is very hard to find an astrologer and get your kundali charted by him. All a person need for using these softwares is the exact timing of his or her birth and the key of a successful life stands just a click away. So it is always advisable to use such software to make one’s life happy and prosperous.

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