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The concept of Lagana Kundali Matching


Posted on August 26, 2012 by

In today’s world, fixing a marriage is not as easy or as convenient as it was in earlier days. With the age of demanding period, there are several demands arising in the minds of prospective grooms and brides as well. These demands may vary from, a proper educational qualification to a good family background. It saddens to know that in today’s materialistic world, it does not matter how good natured you are or whether two people are compatible for each other or not.

Concept of Lagana Kundali Matching In India:

Janam Patrika

Janam Patrika

With times, many things have changed. However, one deciding factor which still remains constant and very valuable while fixing a marriage is the lagana kundali matching. Even today, it plays a very significant role in analysing the compatibility of two people before tying them in the bond of marriage.

People from all over the world are greatly fascinated by this Indian system of lagana kundali matching. Since earlier generations, people from across the globe are astonished how can the concept of lagana kundali matching help two people predict their future after marriage accurately? They are also mesmerized by the accuracy of this system and the future it predicts.

For them, it is essential to understand that we live in a universe which consists of several heavenly bodies. According to the rishi-munis and vedic astrologers of India, these heavenly bodies play a major role in creating situations and circumstances in the lives of people. As per the Indian system of lagana kundali matching, the positioning of star signs and various other elements can aid a person to detect their future accurately. Thus, through kundali matching, one can predict the married life of a couple perfectly.

The system of lagana kundali matching has been going on since ages. Still, even today, this system unlike other several Indian systems has not lost its spark. The past experiences of people who are still happily together even after several years of marriage which was arranged through kundali matching are also responsible for it. These experiences have always enabled people to believe in the perfection and accuracy of lagana kundali matching.

The nakashatras and rashis of the couple determine how peaceful and compatible their marriage would be. The lagana kundali matching is based upon a system of 36 points. Out of these 36 points, it is essential for a minimum of 18 points of the couple to match. This would indicate the success of the marriage. It is believed that anything less than 18 points can prove fatal for the future of the marriage.

One can say that, in-spite of change in every little aspect of living in today’s world; the following of several Indian traditions is not sustained. The only thing that has changed in this perspective is how it is conducted. Today, people turn towards Internet for almost every thing. With the dawn of computers and information technology, it has become very easy for a person who is not ace in kundali matching to get their kundalis matched perfectly without any assistance from a lagana kundali matching expert.