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What is the Role of Janam Kundali in Predicting Future?


Posted on July 28, 2012 by

Astrology – since the time humans on this earth evolved, the field also gained importance. Humans and astrology are inseparable. Humans, in some or the other way are related to astrology. For instance, the characteristics of a human being, the nature of a human, his future etc are highly depended upon the positioning of the planets, stars etc. in fact, astrology has become the most interesting subject for every human since ages.

Astrology in india developed a branch popularly known as jyotish vidya during the period of Indus civilisation. Till today, jyotish vidya is termed to be the official representative of theIndia’s astrological system. Jyotish vidya or Vedic astrology is much more reliable and accurate as compared to other systems of astrology which are prevalent in other parts of the world.

Natal chart or janam kundali is one of the branches of Vedic astrology. It can also be called as the most important branch of jyotish vidya as it reveals a majority of human aspects precisely. From sketching a person’s personality to foretelling the success of a marriage, it can do everything.

Janam Kundali and Future Predictions:

In India, every person has janam kundali prepared as soon as they are born. Surprisingly, the first thing which is done after the birth of a baby is get his/her janam kundali prepared. Such is the

Our Future

Our Future

importance of natal charts in India. With the launch of several janam kundali download softwares, today it has become all the more easy to prepare your baby’s janam kundali. Janam kundali download can free you from the burden of going to a great sage for the kundali. They are reliable and accurate as well.

Marriages are made in heaven and people on earth just help the couple meet their soul mate. But how can one know if the person they are going to marry is really their soul mate? One can easily understand that through janam kundalis.

The matching of minimum 18 points out of 36 point system signals the couple that they are heavenly paired. This ensures a happy, successful and long married life Due to its great importance for the fixing of marriages, today every match making agency has a janam kundali download available on their computers. This helps them to match the couples efficiently.

Though janam kundalis are very crucial in India, there are many people who still don’t have their janam kundalis. However, they can free themselves from all worries as there are several free janam kundali software download available online. With the help of these free janam kundali software download they can get their kundalis prepared even today.

These free janam kundali software download would need your birth time and birth date and thus present you with the most accurate natal chart that one could have received through a great sage. It (more…)