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Janam Kundlis or birth charts have been hailed as the pioneer of Indian astrological science since antiquity. Kundalis has many functions in the Indian social milieu and it helps to guide an individual in all aspects of life most important being the janam kundali matching for marriage.

It is a common Indian belief that if the kundalis are matched properly before marriage it is beneficial for both the boy and the girl. Thus any future problems due to not matching of kundali can also be avoided. A kundali is prepared on the basis of the birth time and birth place of both the partners and then calculations are made on the basis of Indian astrological science to draw a feasible conclusion.

Janam Kundali Matching for Marriage : 

Astrologists scrutinize the kundalis by calculating planetary position of both the persons and then compare it for possible match making, which is an essential part of marriage kundali matching. The major dynamic of vedic kundali matching involves close study of varan,tara, yoni, vasya, grah maitra, bhakoot, nadi and gan.

In total there are 36 gunas (patterns) which are to be matched and it is considered that minimum of 18 patterns must match for a couple to lead a happy married life. It is better to put off a marriage if 18 patterns are not matching to avoid future problems in the life of married couples.

The internet has brought janam kundali matching for marriage free sites to rid people of the hectic task of finding a competent astrologer. There are myriad sites which are programmed well to suggest match making on the basis of kundali matching for marriage. These sites are designed in a way that a person who is not well acquainted with the internet can also easily access it from their home or an internet café. The sites also assist in day to day consultation of horoscopes and other kundali related studies.

The main intentions of such sites are to simplify the tedious task of vedic calculations and provide the knowledge of jyotish (astrology) to one who is seeking it. Astrology is one of the oldest of Indian science and with problems like divorce and domestic violence increasing within the institution of marriage; people are relying on vedic science for a happy married life.

Anyone can access these sites and check a kundali for potential match making and in doing so all they need is the birth details of a person and the report pops out just at the click of few buttons. Checking janam kundali matching for marriage online saves a lot of time and the results are also satisfying.

The report that is available by accessing an online janam kundli site can either be downloaded or printed for future consultation. There are too many sites flocking the internet for providing astrological predictions. But many of these sites are not competent enough to provide accurate information so it is important to select a good and genuine site for consultation on affairs as important as marriage.

Response to Janam Kundali

    • My date of birth is 30/4/1956 and time is 10 AM, place of birth is Katra (Vaishnodevi). I m retired from NHPC recently. I want to know about my future life.


  2. i want to match my and my boyfriend’s janam kundali for our marriage. but i don’t know exact birth timing of my boyfriend.

  3. I want to my would be wife kundali, I don’t have her exact time of birth except her date of birth 25.09.1974. my dt.of birth is 16.5.1967 at mid day 1-20

  4. I wanna to know kundali match

    DOB 24-05-1985 time 10.30pm
    please Athni

    Girl Name :Priyanka
    DOB :18-12-1993 time 2.30am

    Birth place:Kurandwad/near Sangli ,kolhapur district

  5. sir plz tell me how our marrige life are going.we led a pieceful life.wat is the relationship between husband nd wife.give me the full details of it.wat is my husband longitivity.it is better than me.how many children i have nd wat is their future.give me the full geast of me.plz soon give me the reply.

  6. my name tushi paul
    time of birth-09:11am

    my husband name abhijit narayan paul
    time of birth-02:10pm

  7. sir i want to macth my janamkudli with my boyfriend kundli..Name .Rupinder kamboj.d.o.d 9 nov 1986.TIME.4.15 pm .PLACE .JALALABAD ( PUNJAB).NAME .KIRAN KUMAR.D.O.B 3 APRIL 1986.TIME.3.15 am.place. karnal (haranya).my love are success fr my mariage.and how my family support to our mariage

  8. I have to match a kundli sir,please guide that is this match will be nice.Boy-Ashish,Date of birth20/8/1981.Time of birth-6:20am.Place-Kanpur.Girl-Pushpa,Date of birth-20/12/1983,Time-5: 15am.

  9. i am worry about not getting married my birthday is 28 january 1985 place- pune Time-10-27am.i also want to know about my career and future.

    awaiting for your response.

  10. I have to match a kundali for me plz guide me for marriage. boy-rohit dob-29/oct/1989. time of birth-3:42pm place-delhi.
    girl-preeti, dob-26/jul/1990. time if birth-7:15am, place-delhi

  11. Dear sir,
    My birth tym:15.49

    Ma lovers
    Birth tym:1.10 pm

    Sir please do tell us der won’t b any problems in our married life…as v r loving alot n v do want to go ahead

  12. some 3 years back something drastic happened in my office and I quit the job, since than I was trying for the job – just guide me what is in the future for me.And those who played dirty game against me were rewarded.

  13. I Vijendra Prasad date of birth 4/4/1959,Time 12.01am,place of birth lautoka, western division.sir please what will be my Janam lagna,and rashi

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