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When a human being takes birth on planet Earth, various cosmic rays, stars and planets govern him or her, or the soul so to say. An important role is played by all of them in a human being’s life. If one wishes to know about a person, all that information can be gathered from the JanamKundali. In India, JanamKundali in Hindi is gaining lot of popularity, because Hindi is the national language of the country.

Just because an important role is played by the Kundli in the life of a human being, preparation of JanamKundali Hindi is done soon after the person is born. The birth conditions along with the effects on a person are described in the Kundali. Before getting a Hindi JanamKundali prepared, many people in India consult a religious teacher or a pundit.

As no two human beings are similar and are not born at the same place and time, every Kundli in Hindi is characterized by uniqueness and has lot of difference compared to the other. For getting the Kundali prepared in Hindi, it is very necessary to know the accurate place of birth, date and accurate time. An important role is played by date and time while preparing JanamKundali in Hindi. A graphical representation is given by this Kundali of the various planets that are placed in different areas.

JanamKundali in Hindi :

The influence and the effect of these planets on the daily life of a person is also described by the

Navmansh Chakra

Navmansh Chakra

Kundali in Hindi. A person gets assistance for knowing what is stored in future for him and what will happen to him in future. If something wrong is likely to happen in his future, then there are various precautions that can be taken by a person for getting rid of or overcoming those problems in life.

Since ages, the Pundits have been helping people in preparing Kundalis in Hindi. However, as technological advancements are seen, there is availability of Kundali on the Internet as well. One can also download Kundali in Hindi free of cost. Certain details have to be filled and one can get it with ease. A detailed description is always mentioned along with the JanamPatrika. Nowadays, one can get the Hindi janamkundali software as well.  If taken online, the result of the analysis is given within a very short period.

Yearly predictions are also given along with the guidance of where investments should be made. Astrologers preparing the Kundli are very well able to guide and assist a person better. Various questions can be asked and all queries related to the problem can be clarified.  Hindi JanamKundali also helps to make a match before any marriage is fixed. This should be done with proper care. The details of the girl and the boy should be mentioned and immediately the result will be given by the online Kundali whether the marriage between the girl and the boy would work or not.

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