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Horoscope Predictions and Matching in India.

Horoscope Matching Trends in India


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Marraige is regarded as on of the purest bond that one forms as humans according to vedic religion. Janam Kundli matching before marriage was an ancient ritual which was initiated to protect the security sanctity and serenity that one associates with marriage to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Horoscope Matching in India :

The ritual of matching kundli is as old as the institution of marriage in the Indo Aryan civilization



and many scholars are of the view that it involves a lot of scientific studies and thus helps to keep at bay all the troubles one can face within the institution of marriage and at the same time help the couple carry their filial duties properly.

Kundali or Birth chart is the graphical representation of planets at the time of birth in an exact manner that was deciphered by ancient scholars or yogis.

Matching of Janam kundli is the process in which the alignments of planet during the time of birth are assessed to obtain a result about the compatibility of two individuals.

Marriage is regarded holy in the vedic religion and as it is also associated with procreation, it was an ancient belief that only healthy and happily married couples can contribute to society with fit progeny who were considered to be the future pillars of the society. Hence the important task of marriage was preceded by janam kundali matching.

Well qualified scholars of astrology compares the kundali or birth chart of two individuals to get individual attributes known as Gunas and compare them with the intrinsic attributes. It is regarded in vedic religion that these attributes contribute to the success of marriage and hence should be matches well before the knot is tied.

The compatibility of the couple is also decided with the comparison of these attributes which are allotted certain points and when minimum designated points are matched the marriage is sanctioned on the pretext that the level of understanding between the individual will be maintained.

Janam Kundali matching is not only restricted to matchmaking when it comes to marriage but even the time of tying of the holy knot is decided on the basis of it. It is considered in the vedic religion that mahurat or the holy time when the knot is to tied also has a great impact on the lives of the individuals.

The holy time or mahurat plays a vital role in the commencement of a successful marriage and it is decide on the various alignments of planets especially the position of moon in the janam kundali. It is said that if planetary movements are not favorable and the position of moon is perfect it may land a marriage into jeopardy. (more…)