Why Does Kundali Matching Matter Even Today?


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Lifestyles of people have been changed considerably and so have their thinking towards marriage. Gone are the days when used to marry for companionship. Today, the most important factor that is significant in deciding a perfect life partner is their educational degree and qualification. Other factors that are also significant for choosing a life partner is how good they look together.

Lagana Kundali Matching & Today’s Modern Life:

However, one thing has remained constant till today is kundali matching. Even today, the match of couple’s kundali is very important. In India, it is still very essential for two person’s kundali to

Chakra of Rashi

Chakra of Rashi

match thus ensuring a happy married life for them. It is very true to say that there are several proposals rejected in-spite of perfect compatibility and acceptance of every other aspect, if kundalis do not match. This is so because people of India believe that the compatibility and success of marriage is highly depended upon the heavenly bodies and star signs.

Being in love and being together forever are all together two different things. It will be very incorrect to say that, situations cannot drift apart two people two are deeply madly in love. In Indian astrology, it is believed that these situations are a result of certain default. The arising of such situations in marriages which were not decided upon the kundali matching has urged many other couples to turn towards it.

During the reigns of kings and rishi munis, kundali matching was considered to be the most significant factor for marriage arrangements. There were several other factors like lagana kundali matching, match of different nakshatras and rashis were also scrutinized before the couple got married.

Though lagana kundali matching is crucial even today and though it is still considered before marriage, the techniques of kundali matching have changed. With the dawn of Internet world, a large number of Internet softwares have been launched that enables two people to have their kundalis matched appropriately. With the help of different kundali softwares, it has indeed become very easy as well as convenient to check the compatibility of horoscopes and also to check whether the lagana kundali matching is perfect. Though there is a rise in the demand of matching of kundalis, people are also getting sceptical regarding the accuracy of lagana kundali matching. However, with the software’s efficiency in calculations regarding compatibility based on Vedic astrology, the results never fail in terms of accuracy.

It is very essential to understand, what are the terms which decide the perfect matching of kundali? These factors are based on 36 points in all that decides the compatibility of a couple. In order to have a perfect match of kundali, it is necessary for the couple to have at least 18 points of their kundali to match. However, if a couple fails to have even 18 points matched, the situations for them after marriage can turn out to be stressful. This may lead to harmful relationship eventually leading to failure of their marriage. In other words, this is a pure sign of unsuccessful marriage and thus should be avoided.

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