The intricacies of Understanding Janam Kundalis


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In Hindu religion there are total of 16 sanskaras, which according to vedic religion is the imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience. Marriage is hailed to be one of the most important sanskaras among all the 16. In Hindu religion marriage is regarded as the second birth of a person because after marriage the life of the bride and groom take a new turn.

So it is a popular belief in the Hindu faith that before getting into the institution of marriage one should take all possible precautions so that once the marriage is commenced the husband and wife could lead a happy and content life.

Understanding Janam Kundalis and Lagna :

So that the couple can live happily after marriage one important task in Hindu religion is to match

Navmansh Chakra

Navmansh Chakra

the kundalis of the individual. In northern India the widely spoken language is Hindi but the marriage sanctions only allow gotra exogamy and caste indogamy matches.

Now a days many people also opt to marry outside their caste because they don’t rely on age old tradition but still kundali matching is something that people still choose to follow. Hence Hindi kundali matching holds a very important part in the Indian social milieu.

Kundali matching in Hindi is available online and is considered to be very effective. InIndiamany people are based in the metropolitan because after the IT revolution jobs clustered around this places. Due to this kundali matching online has come into vogue because it gives a hassle free solution for taking the one of the most important decision of life which is marriage.

Kundali matching on the internet gives a myriad option for couples who wish to marry within or outside of caste. Horoscope matching is different in every culture and so while choosing a proper site it is very important to keep in mind the community preference before tying the nuptial cord.

Among the Hindi speaking people Kundali which is made at the time of birth of a child is matched before marriage. It is a popular belief among the people of this region that if a marriage is commenced by kundali matching it helps to avert separation in future and also helps in healthy procreation.

As per the belief of the people in this region if the horoscope any possible problem in the future it can be avoided by performing proper puja and making sacrifice accordingly so it is an important aspect that while matching a kundali the specifics of culture and tradition should be taken into consideration.

Online horoscope and kundali matching in Hindi are designed keeping all such specifications in mind and hence if they are consulted before marriage, all area-specific belief and faith are maintained. This also guarantees that the prospective couples have a happy life and at the same time they can avoid the hassle of finding an astrologer who is enough qualified for their specific culture.

If the horoscope is matched taking the specific culture and tradition in mind then it is believed that the love compatibility between the couple is maintained.

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