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Marathi community is one of the most conservative communities of India and they strictly believe in their own culture and tradition. The community is also regarded to be religious and they strongly believe in the impact of kundali or horoscope in their life.

This community also strongly believes in arranged marriages mostly, hence, kundali matching holds a very important role in this ceremony. Before marriage the horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched properly based on specific calculation to avert any future problem related to marriage. The main aim of matching a horoscope is to check the compatibility of the prospective couple, their future life ahead and about healthy procreation.

Kundali Matching In Marathi Community :

Many families this day find it difficult to get a proper astrologer to match the horoscope of the prospective bride and groom and also it is a very hectic task too. In this age of technology and fast



age life the only solution to this problem is online kundali matching in Marathi.

Kundali matching in the Hindu religion holds a very pious place and the horoscope is the first thing that is prepared for a child after it is born. The Kundali is made on the basis of correct information of date, time and the palce of birth of the new born.

Earlier parents used to consult a family priest for preparing the horoscope of a new born child but now a day the number of such educated priest has declined and at the same time with increase in number of members of a particular community the load of work of these priests has also increased.

The horoscope involves a lot of complicated calculations so it takes a lot of time to be prepared but with the birth of technology this problem has been solved by the introduction of software which deals with specialized horoscope matching.

Kundali matching is believed to predict the problems that may arise between a couple after marriages. In Marathi culture it is believed that by matching the kundali of the boy and the girl any future problem in their life can be averted.

Horoscope matching before marriage can predict if the couple is going to be happy or not. It also helps in avoiding any misunderstanding, which may have serious consequence on the life of the couple, to be known well before hand.

Once the source of the problem in the horoscope is recognized it can be rectified by performing special prayers for satisfying a particular star or planet which may be the reason behind the problem.

It is believed that once the position of the stars and planet is fixed through the prayers it helps to maintain the love factor in the married life of an individual and thus help in keeping their married life happy and prosperous.

Elders of the Marathi families are very particular about matching the horoscope of the individual because they believe that once all the problems are sorted out it guarantees a happy married life of their children.

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