How Kundali Matching Plays the Role of Cupid


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Free Janam Kundali Reading:

Who says, it is only love marriages that work? In fact if one has ever seen the ratio, then they would realise, that it is arrange marriages that are much more successful than love marriages. And we Indians are the best example for the success of arrange marriages.

People usually wonder how can two people, who have never met before or have even spent much time with each other, can have a successful bond of marriage? It is very surprising to see how their decision of marrying a stranger turns out to be the best decision of their lives. The credit for their successful marriage can in a way go to the matching of their janam kundalis.

We all are aware about the importance of janam kundalis in fixing the marriages. But since childhood we always think how can it decide the success of a marriage, isn’t it? Every tradition or culture has gained importance due to several reasons. The successful marriages which have resulted due to their perfect kundali match have compelled people to believe it.

Ask a pandit to read janam kundali today and the accuracy regarding the details and your past revealed through your janam kundali would automatically build your confidence in it as well. The janam kundalis are made as per the positioning of the stars and other heavenly bodies during your birth time. These stars are capable of telling your future. This is a well accepted fact by many international and national scholars. No science can prove it to be wrong.

As these stars can forecast about the future of a person, it also speaks about the success of the marriage. The kundalis of a couple can speak about the success of marriage through the system of 36 points. Out of these 36 points, it is very significant for at least 18 points to match for the compatibility between the couple. Anything less than 18 points sends out a warning to the couple about their unsuccessful married life.

Marriage Hands

Marriage Hands

Today, due to several free janam kundali reading softwares available it is now not necessary for you to read janam kundali through a pandit.

These free janam kundali reading softwares are very easy to use and efficient. To read janam kundali is not easy and needs expertise from the field of astrology. However, now to read janam kundali, all you need is software installed in your computers you will have a renowned pundit at your home.

Free janam kundali reading is one of the essential software for the agencies of match making as well. However, many times, they meet clients who unfortunately have lost their kundalis or people who never had their kundalis made. However, they are also eased with the help of these free janam kundali readings online as they are capable of preparing a true janam kundali for them.

One can surely say that, two things that play the role of cupids in the lives of the couples are Internet and kundalis.

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